Sheila Garcia in Sugar Land

This was truly a special moment to cap an awesome night.   

I played Sheila's book-signing event for "A Life Of Flavor" at Crossbridge Church in Sugar Land, TX, on July 28, 2017.   

After almost 3 hours I was about to pack up, but then Sheila walked over and said she wanted to sing an upbeat worship song with me as people were leaving.   

We immediately agreed on "This Is Amazing Grace." No practice, no run-through, just spontaneous magic.   

I had NO IDEA she could sing like this. Unbelievable pipes, passion, and praise. She's absolutely amazing. Hands-down my favorite part of the whole night. Enjoy!   

P.S. Some of life's best moments happen like this, by complete surprise, totally unplanned, when you least expect it. Keep your eyes open, roll with it, enjoy every second, and live "A Life Of Flavor" as Sheila would say. :)