Kon Anniversary

Carlton and Vanessa Kon invited me back to their house in Sugar Land again(!) to play another epic private party - this time for their 10th wedding anniversary and vow renewal. There was just one hitch: I showed up on Friday night, December 22. Knocked on the door. They seemed surprised to see me. I said "I'm here early to set up." They were like "A whole day early?!" ...

Yeah so it was actually the next night (Sat Dec 23), but it was NOT my fault. I pulled out my phone and showed Vanessa not one but TWO text messages she sent me confirming "Fri Dec 22". I thought they were joking. Carlton was like "Naw bro, dead serious, for real, not even playin, seriously." They were super apologetic and begged me to come back the next night.

Ordinarily that'd be difficult living in Austin and playing in Sugar Land almost 3 hours drive away. But it worked out surprisingly well since I was already planning to visit my sister and husband and nephews in the Houston area for Christmas that weekend.

Long story short, I came back the next night, played one of the best sets I've ever played (if I do say so myself), sang a precious duet with their daughter: Perfect by Ed Sheeran, and they gave me a huge phat tip for their honest mistake and my special accommodation. I freakin love the Kon family. And all their friends. It was a Merry Christmas indeed.

Oh and they've already booked me for a THIRD party in February. This is the start of something beautiful. Thank you Kons. See ya soon.