Do you like a little bit of everything?  Cool, Drew does too.  And he plays it all like a funk soul brother.  He brings a fresh, clean, simple, pure, stylish new twist to so many songs we know and love.  
Based in Austin Texas, Drew has been performing live for well over a decade, covering just about anything -- brand new, super old, fast, slow, male, female, white, not-so-white, pop, rock, R&B, soul, country, rap, gospel, etc.
Venues range from intimate gatherings in small coffee shops to full-blown concerts in large arenas.  Having headed multiple bands in the past, Drew carries a professional signature sound and is comfortable in front of any size crowd, tailoring his diverse show to fit the growing audience.
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  • "YES!!!"
  • "Sick!! Completely Sick!!"
  • "Can't wait to say 'I knew this guy before he was famous'."
  • "When are u gonna go on The Voice?!?!?!?"
  • "This man can FLAT OUT sing! Drew Pierce will take anyone's song and make you think he invented it!!"
  • "Holy crap. Great voice, you are good."
  • "Why have you not blown up yet?"
  • "Dayyyuuummm... That was AwEsOmE!!"
  • "Bro, you are for real UNREAL!!"
  • "I am blown away. You are so talented. Look forward to following you. I wish you knew what pleasure you bring to someone like me! Thank you!"
  • "Wow..."
  • "I don't watch TV, but if you go on 'The Voice' I will start watching."
  • "I feel like I need to ask for your autograph!"
  • "I knew you'd be hitting the big stage! The music guru's are NOW destined to run in to the best the US of A has to offer!! That gift is real, and not a better man to be blessed with it!!"
  • “Killin it!"
  • "Very, very talented my friend!"
  • "I love your music, Drew. Can I say, 'I knew you when?' Awesome!!"
  • "Wow... Gave me chills..."
  • "Impressed with the vocals, guitar playing, and stage presence."
  • "Excellent!!"
  • "I just gotta say wow."
  • "I absolutely love your style Drew!"
  • "Now that's talent!"
  • "You keep blowing my mind! Such good talent Drew! Anxious for the next..."
  • "Wow! This is awesome!"
  • "Holy Cow!!! That is amazing Drew!!! Love it."
  • "Seriously... Wow."
  • "You are wonderful. You're blessed."
  • "Amazing pipes!!!"
  • "Wow... so talented... On point!"
  • "DREW!!!!!! That is soooooo good!!!! My absolute favorite so far and you sang it perfectly!! Don't. Stop. You are such an inspiration and motivation. Seriously."
  • "Wow!! That was awesome!!"
  • "Amazing voice. So blessed."
  • “Beautiful. I'd hang with you at a bonfire any day."
  • "Awesome Drew!! Gave me chills!!"
  • "I didn't know you had chops like that!!!"
  • "He is awesome!!!!"
  • "You are an inspiration and so so VERY talented!!"
  • "Drew Pierce is an impressive vocalist/guitarist and should be on everyone's list of up-and-coming music artists in Austin to see. We're in for a real treat!"
  • "Please try out for The Voice!!!! You are amazing!"
  • ​"Love it you are so talented! I believe you could sang the phone book and make it sound good!"
  • "Dude, that was ridiculously AWESOME! You GOT talent!"
  • "Killer music man!!"
  • "Drew you sound Great!!! love your twist on things... keep it up"
  • "That was Awesome!! You have done it again... You RoCk!!"
  • "SWEET!!!"
  • "You haven't put enough quotes up. More quotes please."
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